CTCI was founded in 1982 with the conviction that no two projects are alike-every business has unique requirements and opportunities that set it apart. It stands to reason then that the design and implementation of a communications cabling system for your complex telecommunications and information systems will demand a customized approach to fit your needs and maximize your organization's performance

The heart of CTCI is not our state-of-the-art technology, not our long-term afiliations and certifications with the best vendors in the field, it is not even the flawless quality that we insist on for each and every project. The heart of CTCI is the team of professionals that strive daily to meet and exceed your expectations. Before we begin your project, we put down our pencils, turn off the computers, and listen to your needs.

If you have a question, we will answer it; if you have a concern, we will address it; if you have a problem,we will correct it-immediately. Please contact CTCI to learn how we can successfully complete your next cabling/wiring project.

The CTCI team understands the importance of developing long-term relationships with our customers. Our dedication to anticipating and addressing the critical technology challenges facing our customers has resulted in a reputation for integrity and service that places us at the forefront of our industry